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In this moment of uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and its social and economic effects, many brokers believe that there is not much to be done and that it is a lost scenario in relation to sales. However, that thought is wrong. Yes, there are tips for selling more real estate – even with so many apparent difficulties.

Our goal with this material is to help you understand what needs to be done to circumvent customer refusals and help them realize that buying a property now remains a good idea. Shall we reflect on this subject together?

1. Invest in market knowledge

The improvement trend for the real estate market in 2020 will not be fulfilled. This requires that the brokerage professional invests in market knowledge. It is convenient to seek good readings, lectures and courses to expand your sales know-how and relationship with customers.

This will support your performance so that you can detect and explore the best possible opportunities, customizing your approach according to the demands of each client.

In addition, a lot has changed in the real estate market, such as postponing launches, digitizing visits, video conference conversations, etc. All of this requires the broker to adapt his working methods to the new moment – which may require him to slow down and study these changes in order to adapt his routine.

2. Understand your customer’s reality

One of the main tips for selling more real estate is empathy. Most people are confused, trying to understand what has changed in the economy, in financing and in their own needs in relation to the property.

The ideal is to understand your customer’s consumption profile and their demands. This will make you offer the most suitable properties to him. However, keep in mind that some of these demands may not be obvious to that person. For example, social isolation has shown that some professions may start working more often at home. Not all buyers think about this when they are searching for real estate.

At the same time, some individuals have experienced a significant loss in income. Showing them that buying a property is an investment for their future and that the monthly payment of a loan is similar to what that person will pay for rent can make the broker overcome the fear that some clients have about the economy.

However, you will only be able to do this if you humanize your client, stop seeing him as a number and start seeing him as a person full of dreams and doubts about the real estate market.

3. Personalize your services

The personalization of services has been fundamental within the marketing strategies. Just look at the way your mobile apps interact with you: everyone knows your name.

In this sense, it is interesting that you seek to offer more personalized services. This can be done in several ways, such as acting in more specific niches in the market, focusing on more attentive service, etc.

4. Rethink your way of acting

It is also worth rethinking the way in which it operates. If you want to achieve differentiated results (that is, better than the previous year), you need to act in a coherent way.

Look, for example, for new operating niches, in order to make more assertive offers. Focusing on young people who are investing in the acquisition of the first property, for example, can be an excellent option to direct their career following the trajectory of the market.

Also offer differentiated services, such as facilities for receiving financing or properties of higher quality than those available on the market. Thus, it is easier to capture customers and close sales.

5. Ask for directions

The greater the number of good referrals you receive from your customers, the less effort you will need to make to reach, attract and win a new audience. So, don’t hesitate to ask your customers to recommend you to other people who also want to buy real estate.

Of course: nothing comes for free. To garner sympathy and trust, you need to improve your service. Only by maximizing the satisfaction of those who buy with you will it be possible to write your name on the map of the best references.

6. Make good photos and videos

In times of social networks, photos and videos started to play a fundamental role in the sale of real estate. When a person sees a blurred, poorly lit, or grainy photo, he associates this lack of quality with the property – which generates rejection.

Real estate agents know this and, for this reason, invest in hiring photographers to take the images. If this is not feasible for you, research photography techniques. Among the strategies to sell more real estate, this is one that needs to be adopted immediately.

7. Use digital marketing

When it comes to technology, a strategy that stands out is digital marketing. Thanks to it, it is possible to deepen the relationship with your customers, attract other consumers and strengthen your name – all of this in a much cheaper way and with much more reach than in traditional marketing.

With mobile devices taking over the market, mobile marketing also cannot be ignored when selling. It is possible to invest in an informative and responsive website, in sponsored links in search engines and in the popular social networks to publicize your name and interact with your customers. Have no doubts: most of your accesses will happen via smartphones.

All of these actions bring your customers closer to you and work towards your status and authority as an updated and up-to-date professional.

8. Keep the organization

To be successful in selling real estate, it is essential to have enough organization. If the documents are scattered everywhere, it becomes impossible to handle everything. And that goes for both printed and digital files.

Create a method of storage and arrangement that facilitates your searches. Separate notes and notes into folders, organize digital documents into specific folders, subdividing items by customer and type of information.

In addition, it is important to maintain a good service routine, well-defined schedules and appropriate strategies. So, get ready to ensure that everything is always in order to get more sales.

9. Bet on technology

In addition to digital marketing, many other technological tools can help you achieve a more agile prospecting of customers and facilitate contact with them.

A CRM, for example, allows you to know exactly where each customer is in the purchase phase, which allows for more efficient service.

In addition, you can also look for other alternatives that reduce the bureaucracy of steps, such as the preparation and realization of the financing, making everything faster and more effective.

10. Bet on experience marketing

Experience marketing seeks to offer differentiated experiences in the way of communicating, serving and selling a product. Thus, the person associates positive emotions to the experience, which increases the chances of selling.

In digital marketing, investing in user experience increases engagement on posts – remember that using one marketing action does not exclude the possibility of using others. But, in the real estate market, how would this apply? Well, in several ways. One of them would be presenting the property to the visitor, decorating it and showing how it could be used.

Personalized service and care with all stages of purchase are also essential. Imagine the opposite way, when a person is angry with the broker because he was late for the visit and did not warn. In that case, the negative emotion would be associated with the business, making the chances of things going wrong increase. Experiential marketing aims to prevent this.

As we have seen, there are many tips for selling more properties, even in uncertain periods. It is enough that the broker understands the changes in the market and adapts the way he works.

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