Recent discussions on Social Security reform have led many people to look for ways to guarantee retirement through investments.

For this reason, we have listed here some suggestions for you to invest your money in the long term, build your assets and earn an income when you stop working. Check out!

1. Private pension

Private pension is one of the ways most remembered by those who think about guaranteeing retirement.

In such plans, you make monthly contributions, putting in a little money every month. The plan administrator is responsible for investing these funds in an investment fund to obtain returns. When you reach retirement age, you start receiving a monthly income.

One of the main advantages of private pension is the ease of operation: you only need to contract the plan and pay monthly; all work is done by the operator. It is also possible to obtain tax advantages, such as a discount on the annual income tax return and lower rates than those practiced in other investments.

On the other hand, there are quite significant costs, which can compromise the growth of your assets:

  • management fee, charged by the investment fund, which can significantly decrease profitability;
  • loading fee, a percentage of each contribution that is charged by the plan administrator.

In addition, it is necessary to know and evaluate the investment fund’s strategy in which your money will be invested.

2. Treasury Direct

The Treasury Direct is a platform to lend money to the government, through the purchase of government bonds. When that paper matures, you receive the one that invested the most interest. It is one of the safest investments since the risk of default on public debt is small.

At Tesouro Direto, public securities are traded with different profitability calculation formulas. For those who are considering using this application for retirement, the most recommended option is the IPCA + Treasury.

This security pays for the period’s inflation, measured by the IPCA, plus a fixed percentage, which is usually close to 6% per year. In this way, the purchasing power of your investment is protected and you still have a real return.

To invest, you need to open an account with a stockbroker. The costs are usually low and the minimum to invest is only R $ 30. On the other hand, the operation is not as simple as that of a private pension plan.

3. Investment funds

Those who want to invest with retirement in view can also opt for an investment fund. In this type of application, you invest your money in a fund, and a specialized manager is in charge of buying the assets according to what was defined in the regulation.

There are different types of investment funds, with different returns, strategies and risk levels. Those who do not want to take a risk can opt for fixed-income funds, which buy public and private bonds and have minor fluctuations.

For retirement, the most recommended is to choose a fixed-income fund that tracks inflation rates, as a way to protect the purchase value of the investment.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the administration fee: if it is too high, there can be a significant impact on earnings.

4. Property financing

Investing in real estate is also a good option for those who want a more peaceful retirement.

Those who do not have their own home can get rid of the rent and guarantee less expense after they stop working. Those who already own, on the other hand, can buy a second property as an investment.

Houses and apartments are safe assets, generate income through rents and can have considerable appreciation over the years.

In addition, interest rates in this type of financing are lower than those practiced in other types of credit. Another advantage is the longer payment terms, which can help adjust the installments to your budget.

These are some suggestions for those who want to guarantee retirement. Ideally, you should diversify your investments among these options, as a way to optimize gains and minimize risks.

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