The realtor must have technology as his great ally. Today, he no longer needs to carry huge folders and postpone negotiations for lack of documents. Mobile and tablet applications make life easier for the professional who divides his / her work between the office and visits. Scanning documents is a good solution for this professional.

With a good selection of applications, the broker’s work is more agile, organized and practical like Blue World City Islamabad  . Not to mention the good impression that the client will have in front of a professional who can solve problems quickly. Applications that scan documents allow you to ask the customer for the signature on the cell phone screen, without having to make a new appointment with him, for example.

Check out tips from 5 apps for the realtor to scan documents and their main features!

1. CamScanner

CamScanner has image enhancement, that is, when scanning a document and converting it to PDF, the app itself seeks to improve resolution and definition.

This app allows you to insert tags to organize and locate documents in all scanned files. It has a mechanism that recognizes text in PDFs and converts it into editable documents.

The application works in the cloud, that is, its files are available on any device on which it is installed – cell phone or tablet.

One of the good features of the app is the feature that protects documents with passwords, including those that are shared. In that case, guests can comment and suggest changes to a contract, for example.

  • Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

2. Genius Scan

This app also has automatic image enhancement and works in the cloud. It allows sharing with email and storage services, such as Dropbox and Evernote.

When exporting a scanned document, it gives you the option to choose between PDF or JPG.

In addition to organizing your scans by category, which facilitates the search, a good feature of this app is to create a single PDF document from several pages. If you scan a long contract, it gives you the option of turning multiple PDFs into a single file.

  • Available for Android and iOS.

3. TinyScan

Among the good solutions it offers, it is the scanning of documents in batch and organization in a single file. The app saves the PDF on the phone and shares it via email and cloud storage services. It also allows printing via Wi-Fi.

The application has a quick search for title or tags and protects documents by a password. In addition, it allows you to change the size of the PDF.

As an image resource, the app works with three types of colorization: degrees of gray, black and white and color, which facilitates the improvement of the image.

  • Available for Android and iOS.

4. ScanWritr

An important difference in this application is that there is a version of it for computers with Windows installed. So, in addition to being able to use the app on mobile phones and tablets, you have a desktop version, which makes organizing and sharing easier.

Among other features of the app, there is the possibility of inserting text in the scanned image, as in the case of filling out forms. It has a specific tool that allows signing, great for those who work remotely or need items in contracts.

It works in the cloud and shares files on major cloud storage services, in addition to printing over Wi-Fi.

  • Available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows desktop.

5. Scanbot

It is a good option for those who need scans with better resolution, as it scans documents with quality up to 200 dpi. It also unites the scanned PDFs in one file and has a clipping feature to highlight some point of the image.

It has integration with the cloud and shares files with services like Evernote, Slack, Dropbox and e-mails.

  • Available for Android and iOS.

All applications are free, but have paid versions, which include more services.

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