Getting new clients is one of the difficult daily tasks of a realtor. However, an excellent way to find potential buyers is with referrals from customers!

It may come from your friends or family, but the main source is your own customer base. After all, who better to refer you than someone who did a deal with you?

In today’s text we will talk a little about the importance of referrals and give incredible tips for you to improve your results! Check out!

Why seek referrals?

Did you know that word of mouth is part of 20% to 50% of all purchasing decisions? And did you also know that people trust recommendations from friends and family more than any other source? These are two very strong arguments to explain the importance of getting referrals from customers to sell more.

Certainly, being nominated will immediately generate great credibility for you and, consequently, more conversions than any other medium.

So that you don’t waste time and get good directions, we’ve prepared 6 incredible tips! See below:

1. Understand to meet

The client that you refer is the one that has been extremely well attended. Therefore, in order for you to exceed your customer’s expectations, you must first understand them completely.

Understand its life cycle, its social class, its interests and what it looks for in a property. Only then will you offer excellent service.

Remember to do an assessment from time to time, asking the customer how you can improve their service. Accept criticism and embrace change to evolve quickly.

2. Be unforgettable

You have certainly had an experience with a sensational salesman, haven’t you? Maybe he was buying a simple item, but he was surprised by a service that exceeded his expectations and that he never forgot.

You have to be that unforgettable salesperson. Make pleasant surprises, prove that you know your customer, be friendly, pleasant and present to leave a positive mark on each customer you serve.

3. Know your market

For people to refer you, they must be sure that you are among the best. So, study hard, get updated, dress well, use new tools, understand the market very well and show your knowledge whenever possible. This builds trust and credibility.

4. Be honest

Many brokers are afraid of losing their customers by telling the truth. However, what happens is just the opposite. As buying real estate is very important in the client’s life, having experience with a professional who was not completely honest can be devastating.

So, be honest. If the customer wants to buy a property and you think that it is not a good deal, say what you think. If something is wrong, tell the truth. This is the only way to build trust.

5. Maintain the relationship

A common mistake is to disappear after the end of the deal. The customer needs to know that you will still be present even after purchase, as a real estate consultant or even as a friend.

So, create a relationship, keep in touch, send birthday, new year congratulations, or even write down the date of purchase to send a nice message saying: “Congratulations! Today it’s been a year since you bought your property! ”.

6. Ask the magic question

Even if you have mastered all of the above tips, customers will not always refer you spontaneously. So, do not be afraid to ask (when you understand that the time is right) if the customer would have someone to refer you. You can even make him feel good about the request by saying something like “I’ll be happy to answer any of your suggestions”.

You can see, therefore, that getting directions is doable! Just understand your customers well to be able to serve them, surprise them and be remembered to generate great sales!

What did you think of this content? Was it important to learn how to get referrals from customers and sell more? Comment below what you found and take the opportunity to tell other tips you already use!