Today, with the job market growing more and more, being a trained, dedicated and updated Realtor is essential. If there is no intention to always improve your skills, opportunities will be missed.

In order to be a successful realtor and be able to put yourself on the market in a positive way, you need to be prepared and attentive in how to act throughout the real estate negotiation process. Making a mistake can compromise the situation and the sale may not go through. In addition, if the error is constant or very serious, it can damage the image of the broker.

With that, here are 7 mistakes that a good broker cannot make:

1 – Not having a good relationship with the parties involved

The sale of a property should not be focused simply on making the sale objectively and coldly, or having a good relationship only with the part that sells and forgets the person who buys. If you are looking to grow and be a trusted professional, try to treat each of your clients well, with respect and empathy. Thus, it can be remembered for future sales and even indicated to your client’s acquaintances. You can be sure that the most remembered professional is the one who delivered his work as promised and was still pleasant in person. It is much more advantageous for the client to deal with a receptive person.

2 – Do not prepare

The worst mistake a broker can make is not preparing to make sales. The client, when looking for a broker, wants to have his doubts resolved, clarify information to boost the desire to buy and in the future close a deal. Try to study about the property, issues of sale of the area. Keeping up to date on the real estate market is also important.

3 – Not communicating well

A broker deals directly with people. Knowing how to communicate is essential. It is necessary to put shyness aside and work on its communicability. However, for a communication to exist, it takes more than one person, so try to listen and understand what the customer says and what he is looking for. Pay attention to the tastes and interests he expresses about the type of property he wants. Let him talk and then expose the options and guide the customer through this process.

4 – Not doing good marketing

Investing in marketing to sell your service is critical. Today we live in a world that is bombarded by information, products, services, brands and companies. To be a professional that makes a good impression you need to invest in the way people see you and in your communication with them. A good marketing strategy makes the difference when choosing among many other brokers.

The way customers perceive the broker must be planned, thought and invested. At the moment, what is being used a lot is Social Networks. It is an easy way to reach people and the feedback is direct. Interacting with customers through these media is a good artifice.

5 – Being self-centered and forgetting customer needs

There are brokers who talk more about themselves and exhibit their achievements than focus on the primary, which is the customer’s desire. Such a broker is extremely tiring, uncomfortable and undoubtedly removes and prevents sales. At that moment the main character is the customer and the sale of his property is completed. Do not forget that. The broker must orchestrate everything so that the client feels contemplated.

6 – Reduce the customer’s purchase to a mere product

When a client seeks a broker to buy a property, he arrives with dreams, idealizations and desires. He is in search of his new home, a place where he will live, sleep, eat, relate, and create moments and memories. You are dealing directly with a large part of your life. Be kind and do not decrease the sale to just one more product to be negotiated.

7 – Do not ask for indication

A common mistake is not to ask clients if they know other people who are in need of a broker. You may be surprised by the amount of prospecting that can be done this way.

With these tips, you’re sure to be a great Realtor. Be sure to improve your service.

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