Anyone who is a realtor knows that one of the main career challenges is to win new clients and generate more business opportunities.

Today, with the revolution brought about by the internet in various media, the work of the broker is also changing and it is necessary to be attentive to enjoy the benefits that the new tools provide.

Whoever is looking for a property currently chooses the location and type of property long before going to see the options on the market and seek professional help. That is why being present in the classifieds of real estate and on social networks is so essential.

Thinking about it, we have put together 5 tips to leverage your sales. Check out!

1. Advertise on the network

The first step is to publish ads online, if seen in the market in which you are inserted. For this you can count on the various real estate classified sites, which will give visibility to the ads.

In the most practical part, which is to create an attractive advertisement for real estate, some tips are:

  • Make the description of the property: present the region, the infrastructure of the neighborhood and the advantages of living on site. Have a captivating narrative so that your potential client can imagine themselves living there.
  • Present the characteristics: here you should list the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size of spaces, if there is a leisure area, etc. Highlight the differentials of the property and try to make a form with as much information as possible.
  • Sell ​​images: ads need images to be viewed. Invest in quality images of the internal and external spaces of the property, the facade and collective areas, if it is a condominium.

2. Harness the power of videos

Videos of presentation of the property, the neighborhood and even the professional himself are valuable tools for visualization and engagement in social networks and for generating new business opportunities.

To make quality videos that sell your product and help your customers choose the right property, follow some tips:

  • Make videos of the property with details and show a little about the neighborhood, the services in the surroundings and other qualities;
  • Take advantage of the communication channel to introduce yourself and show your market expertise, as well as the quality of your service;
  • Train your oratory and put your personality on the video, creating an interesting narrative;
  • Find out what are the needs of the target audience of that property and highlight the features that will most please those who watch;
  • At the end of the video, invite your client to visit the property.

3. Use Whatsapp

Another powerful communication and sales tool for brokers is Whatsapp. Make contact with potential customers and make yourself available to answer questions, schedule visits etc.

It is also a good channel for sharing photos, videos and documents and for the broker to do after-sales and increase customer loyalty.

4. Partner

Another way to increase sales is through fifty partnerships, that is, where the commission is divided in half between two brokers.

These partnerships can happen when two brokers serve a client or when one indicates a client to the other, for example, and is able to significantly increase the earnings of professionals.

A good way to find partners is through online real estate networks, where brokers find other professionals more easily and enter into contracts without the intermediation of third parties.

5. Know the market and your customer

Knowing the market trends is also a task of the successful broker. Thus, it is possible to design more efficient sales strategies. Therefore, seek to find out about the real estate market, both in a macro and micro scenario.

Try to talk with your professional colleagues and participate in events in the area to better understand the economic scenario of the real estate sector. It is also a great chance to network and find partners.

In addition, the potential customer, his needs, tastes and opinions must be well known. From there, work to earn your trust and close the sale.

This is rapport, a technique capable of generating more business opportunities and increasing your earnings. To the next!