Customer loyalty

The excellent service to the public is one of the factors that lead to customer loyalty in the real estate industry. Realtors who are part of the teams need to know how to deal with the most varied audiences and treat them as a priority. Skill, empathy and professional attitude become differentials that provide sales leverage.

In this post, we will explain the importance of customer loyalty to the real estate broker and how it is possible to improve the relationship with the clientele. Here you will find relevant tips on how to attract buyers’ attention, providing personalized service and providing accurate information.

Do you want to know how to do a post-sales follow-up that influences customer loyalty? Read this article!

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How important is customer loyalty to the real estate agent?

Loyalty after attracting customers is essential for the realtor to be successful in his career. Therefore, the relationship must be maintained after the negotiation, for the creation of bonds of trust. A satisfied and courteous customer is more likely to re-purchase or refer services to other buyers.

How to improve the relationship with customers to ensure customer loyalty?

The relationship marketing of professionals refers to the image of the realtor. Those who wish to stand out in this segment need to practice networking strategies, participating in events, fairs and workshops. Contact with professional colleagues can generate good business by forming partnerships. Here are the main tips for improving customer relationships!

Personalized service

When first contacting a customer, try to collect and record his information, including his interests in the services or in a particular property. Make a register separating the types of customers, with name, email, source media and interests. Make a note of the communication channel used, whether it was through the Internet or by phone call. With this data, customize the next service.

Accuracy of information

Provide accurate data during appointments, as they convey more security and reliability to buyers. To be able to convince them, study the developments and products offered in advance, understanding the technical aspects and characteristics to inform customers. Find out what is around the properties advertised, if there are landmarks etc.

After-sales follow-up

After making your sales, contact buyers and ask for service feedback. Demonstrate that you care about their satisfaction and that the relationship has not ended after signing the contract and handing over the keys. This is a great strategy to build customer loyalty, since when they feel important, they can make new referrals.

Exercise empathy

Listen to what people have to say to build good relationships. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, listen to their wishes, and don’t leave them talking alone. When they are talking about your needs and wants, record everything to return with a solution to the problems. Empathy will make the broker remembered by buyers.

Apply relationship management

If you want to get feedback from your contacts, invest in relationships, giving them the necessary attention. Do not ignore the possibility of making plans by tracing the profile of each customer and placing their orders as priorities. In addition to applying the 12 commandments of brokerage, organize your portfolio according to the requests and present the possibilities with intelligence and determination.

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Ask for an opinion about the service

Ask your customers for their opinion through a satisfaction survey. If they point out any weaknesses, thank them for the suggestion and get even better. It is valuable to know what buyers think about the services, as this provides the opportunity for improvement. Changes are necessary for the evolution of people and companies.

Anyway, now you know how to achieve customer loyalty and how to strengthen the relationship with your buyer! Do not forget to offer several service channels for negotiations that can be facilitated with the use of e-mail, telephone, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Always be available to become the client’s favorite!

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