optimize property sales

The real estate market, in recent years, went through a unique moment in Brazil – there was an enormous appreciation and, then, people started to see the sector as an excellent opportunity to earn money. However, the crisis has cooled a little, and the lives of brokers have become a little more difficult.

As the outlook for the coming months is much better, professionals in the field need to be attentive to close good deals – and one of the ways to achieve success in the area is by optimizing your property sales process. Want to discover the best tips for doing this? So, check out our article today!

Work with personas

One of the ways to optimize your property sales process is to work with personas. You have certainly heard of them – but do you really know what they are? The persona is nothing more than a definition of the typical customer or several typical customers, with all the main characteristics of the buyers.

When working to attract new customers, this tool helps to set goals, define objectives, realign strategies and prepare your marketing tactics – to improve the shopping experience and to have more chances to close deals.

Make contact easy

Another crucial point for those who want to optimize their sales process is to facilitate customer contact. In competitive times like today, you can be sure that if a person has a hard time finding you, the chances of them looking for another broker or real estate agent are immense.

Always have a cell phone unoccupied and loaded with you. Currently, apps like WhatsApp can be very useful! Also consider SMS and respond as quickly as possible, whenever you hear through your customers’ email.

Make an online presence

The first channel in which people look for your company when looking for a property, today, is the internet. So if you don’t have an online presence, you’re certainly one step behind the competition!

A professional profile on social networks, for example, is the minimum. Create a fanpage on Facebook and, whenever possible, check it out. A bolder strategy – and also a more efficient one – is to create a blog. This type of website helps to share interesting content about the sector and allows you to gain the trust of your audience and become a reference in the market.

Use a CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can literally be translated into “customer relationship management”. This type of program can be very useful for a broker’s sales process, as it intelligently stores and interrelates the various important information about the public’s activities and interactions with the trader.

With all this prior knowledge, the seller knows much more precisely what he should offer to that buyer, the type of property he wants and the correct standard to be worked on. In addition, the software keeps all proposals sent to each person, stored together with the customer’s history. By relying on CRM, the broker will accelerate the speed of his sales, gain in terms of productivity and do not need to be searching files to prepare new suggestions.

Invest in after-sales

The sales process does not end when you close a deal. That customer can certainly be a new buyer in a few years or even refer family and friends to you. So, if you want to optimize your property sales process, keep in touch!

Send e-mails sporadically, offer to help solve small problems that may arise after the purchase and, above all, be truly grateful that that person has opted for your professional assistance. This positive attitude can certainly turn into profits in the future.

These are some ways to optimize your property sales process. These are simple attitudes, but, in the end, they can make a big difference! Do you have any other questions or suggestions on the subject? Do you want to share your experiences in the area? Leave your comment and tell us!