floor plan

Of the various options available in the real estate market, the properties on the floor plan are among those that attract the most attention from buyers. After all, having your own home, being brand new, is a very attractive prospect.

But is it worth buying property in the plant? After all, you will be investing in something that has not yet left the paper.

If you have that concern, you can continue reading this post. Let’s clarify why this business is worth it and when you can go ahead without fear. Check out!

Why is it worth buying at the plant?

When assessing which is the best deal in the real estate market, it is difficult to say what is best for all clients. Each person has their needs and conditions, and there is no formula to please everyone.

But the acquisition of a property still in the plant has some peculiarities that make the business quite attractive. Check out some advantages:

Modern design

By purchasing a property in the plant, you will have the guarantee that it is a modern project, suited to the demands of today’s residents. This is reflected, for example, in the layout of the rooms, in the offer of services and leisure facilities in the condominium and in the number of parking spaces, among other items.

New construction

Nothing better than acquiring a property still “zero-kilometer”, without the need to make repairs or renovations before occupying it. And also with much less risk of encountering, after the change, problems such as defects in the hydraulic and electrical networks, just to name the most common ones.

Of course, even in new construction, there can be some setbacks. But in that case, you can count on the builder’s warranty – usually five years – to arrange repairs.

Quick recovery

One of the most certain things when buying a property in the plant concerns its valuation. Upon completion of the work, your newly acquired asset may be worth up to 30% more than what you paid for it.

Possibility of negotiation

The enterprise still in the plant may be the one in which the negotiation is more flexible. Starting with the entry, which can be diluted throughout the contract, relieving your initial expense.

When acquiring the property at the plant, there is also a greater chance of obtaining financing of 100% of the value. This rarely happens when it comes to a property that has already been used.

Unit customization

Depending on the project, whoever buys the property in the plant has the opportunity to choose some items such as floors and finishes, for example. Whoever buys a ready-made or already used property, will have to carry out works if they wish to customize it according to their preferences.

What to evaluate before deciding

Did you like the benefits of purchasing a property in the plant? So here are some precautions you should take before signing the contract:

Think about the future

Even with easy entry, you must evaluate how the payment terms will look after the keys are handed over. In most contracts, after this moment, the correction of the installments is no longer made by the National Civil Construction Costs Index (INCC) and is now followed by bank interest.

It is important that you simulate exactly how the parcels will evolve from that moment so as not to take any scare.

Analyze the surroundings

The business fits in your pocket, the property pleased you, but what about the surroundings? Don’t forget to check if the neighborhood has the infrastructure your family needs.

Is there a trade or school offer, for example? Is it an accessible region? If you use public transport, is the offer in the region satisfactory?

Evaluate the construction company

Purchasing a property in the plant today is much safer than in the past. But it does not cost to prevent and research the history of the construction company. Does it usually deliver all projects on time? After delivery, do the properties have problems?

These are our tips to help you assess whether it is worth buying property on the floor plan. If you want to know more about the real estate market, subscribe to our newsletter and receive all of our content directly in your email!