Real estate marketing

The great flow of information that circulates on the Internet has made society more attentive to the offers of the real estate market. Nowadays, being successful as a broker is something that requires much more effort to be conquered. The crisis experienced in the country helps clients to think more before doing business, which makes the work of this professional even more complex.

Therefore, it is very important for a real estate agent to pay attention to marketing in order to stand out in the midst of high competitiveness, making trust and credibility be passed on to the public, this being the halfway point for business opportunities.

Continue reading our text and understand more about the importance of real estate marketing and how to conquer space in the digital world.

Always keep up to date

Before committing to reaching your target audience, you need to be aware that customers are much more demanding and informed, for the reasons explained above. This means that the image that you will need to be solid, to the point of knowing how to get around any situation.

The client may, for example, feel insecure about financial aspects, question the functional aspects of the property, if there is great potential for growth in his locality. In other words, a good broker must be able to nurture customers with this type of information.

For this, there are several websites and portals that every broker must follow, namely:

  • Imobex;
  • Imob Marketing;
  • Tech Broker;
  • Rubens Menin.

Create a quality website

There are very few cases where you can grow on the internet without having your own page. In the case of real estate marketing, it is essential that the broker maintain a website to work with ads and, also, to create a good reputation.

However, contrary to what can be imagined, a website is not only used to publish ads, schedule visits or disclose the real estate contact. Your image on the internet can go much further with the creation of a blog, in which informative content – which can vary between articles, videos, infographics, e-books etc. – are published, covering topics of high relevance for those seeking information about the real estate market.

In short, this is a great way to build an identity for the Internet user, because, according to their strategies, as well as the quality of the content, their name will become a reference.

Be present on social networks

Publications must be shared so that they have the minimum desired reach, and we imagine that you already knew that, right? So, creating a business page is essential, but it is worth mentioning that, in order to deal with this, it is necessary to dedicate yourself to informing and interacting with the public.

It is not just to publish blog posts and ads, because, in addition to making the strategy lose its meaning, you will be inducing many people to stop following you, precisely for not offering anything that interests them.

Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques

Although acting on social networks has a huge weight in the results, one must also take into account the searches that are done through the search sites (Google, Ask, Yahoo, Bing etc.). For this, your website must be well structured, optimized so that it appears among the first search results.

If all of this seemed too complicated, consult a good marketing agency that offers this support.

Invest in sponsored links

The Ads platforms (Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, among others) are a great way to make ads reach customers in a segmented way, considerably reducing the cost per acquisition of these consumers and, in addition, working with a budget that you can set.

Advertise on portals

Finally, never stop publishing ads on portals such as OLX, Viva Real and Zap, as the traffic generated on them is extremely qualified since they are accessed by people who are really interested in buying.

If even with investment in digital marketing, sales are not taking place, there may be a problem happening that needs to be identified. Do you want to know more about it? Read our article: 5 common mistakes in the sales approach!