Sales Funnel

Seeking a sales opportunity has become a daily challenge for realtors. In addition to focusing on conducting proposals, these professionals need to find ways to value new customers without belittling old ones.

One of the solutions adopted for this purpose is the sales funnel technique. Don’t you know what we’re talking about? Learn in this post how to apply this valuable tool in business!

What is a sales funnel?

The sales funnel is a step-by-step trading strategy. For those who work in the real estate market, this tool represents the path that a potential customer takes from the service to the effective closing of the purchase.

The term funnel portrays very well the division of the phases that involve a sales process: the top as the first stage, the middle as an intermediate stage and the bottom as a point close to the final negotiation. This overall division of the sales funnel is detailed in four other steps:

  1. visitors;
  2. leads;
  3. prospects;
  4. and customers.

It is important that the broker knows what to do at each stage to increase the chance of success in trading. In addition to adapting his approach at different times in the sales funnel, the professional must also put into practice actions for planning and analyzing results.

What are the main advantages of the sales funnel?

Achieving a good customer base takes time and effort from brokers, but this difficulty can be overcome with the application of the sales funnel. See the advantages that the tool brings to professionals and real estate agents:

  • improved management: the funnel gives a detailed view of the stages that involve trading (this allows brokers to prioritize choices and plan the work method);
  • focus on results: in addition to pointing to promising opportunities, the tool avoids wear and tear in negotiations with no potential for return;
  • greater productivity: with the monitoring of the funnel, brokers evaluate the performance of stocks and invest in what really works.

How can brokers apply the sales funnel?

The application of the sales funnel must follow an order of steps. See below how you can work each one:


The term visitor is given to anyone interested in real estate deals who at some point made contact (in person or by phone and e-mail).

As he is still not sure what he is looking for, the visitor will always search for other options with different professionals and real estate agents. That is why at this point you should only focus on offering resources that generate a good visiting experience, such as:

  • organized workplace;
  • responsive and informative website;
  • blog with relevant content.


Upon entering the real estate website, the visitor may end up looking for more details about the ad being viewed. It is at this point that he becomes a lead and will need to provide data (phone or email) to communicate with the broker.

At this stage, it is essential that you value contact with a quick return. Be friendly, answer the prospect’s questions and maintain quality service. This posture will help you move on to the next stage of the funnel.


When you provide data and talk to the broker, the lead becomes a prospect. Despite considering the final purchase, he still needs to resolve doubts to obtain security and be sure of the decision.

Here, maintaining interest is the key to closing the deal. Ask about the person’s preferences and gather as much information as possible. This will help you to create arguments to defend the proposal and win a real customer.


Converting a prospect into a customer is always something to celebrate, after all, it means that someone chose your service when selling or buying goods. Even so, be sure to enjoy this moment without neglecting after-sales.

Organize the necessary procedures, guide the person through the process and offer support whenever asked. Think that, in addition to building customer loyalty, this aftercare can guarantee referrals that are extremely valuable in a competitive market.

Now do as many brokers and invest in the sales funnel. With the correct application of the tool, the task of leading people to the conclusion of the contract will be much more productive!